To begin accepting all credit cards at your high-risk business and improve your sales IMMEDIATELY...


Nutraceutical, also known as bioceutical, is a biologically active phytochemicals, which claims to have physiological benefits.

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Merchant Cash Advance/Loans

Merchant Cash Advance is more like a B2B transaction where a company accepts to sell its future credit card sales or a portion of it’s bank deposits

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Adult – All types

The Adult industry is not one that the traditional financial institutions would want to be linked with, as it appears as a reputational risk for these.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Until some years ago, legal cannabis merchants had been facing discrimination.

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Collection Agencies

From unsavory merchants escalating rates to scare tactics to get debtors to pay, debt collection industry has undoubtedly a very bad reputation.

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Hemp Oil

Even after uncertainty around the cannabis legalization and decriminalization of its medical use in the United States, many businesses and corporations

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Helox, the contactless, cashless mobile payment platform for Cannabis

Helox is a compliant, contactless bank to bank transfer payment system for Dispensaries, Cultivators and Manufacturers that need to collect money from their customers.

Approving 99% of all applicants on our Domestic Payment Processing Platform for the Hardest to Place Merchants – Like You!

Get High Risk, a Division of Canna Group LLC, has combined the best of both worlds by leveraging cutting edge technology to track and illustrate transparency on payment transactions processed for all eCommerce and Face-to-Face Merchants globally.

Canna Group can now offer ALL High-Risk verticals their choice of 5 different payment processing solutions, of which one if not more are bound to fit your unique business needs; and is unparalleled by few.

Stop worrying about your payment provider shutting down your account. We’re dedicated to providing businesses like yours with secure, reliable domestic payment solutions so you can focus on growing your business.

Partnerships with our country’s largest payment institutions, endorsed by the Ohio Cannabis Chamber of Commerce as well as the National Hemp Association, Canna Group LLC will continue to provide state-of-the-art payment solutions, and constantly monitor your accounts in order to assure you have the most recent and up to date programs available.

Regardless of your payment needs, WE HAVE IT! From e-Commerce, Helox Apple Approved Mobile Wallet for Cannabis, Counter Top and/or Cashless ATM Solutions, Vault Cash and Kiosk designed specifically for MMJ Dispensaries, and even B2B solutions for Growers and Cultivators.

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