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We Have specialized in providing Credit Card Merchant Services to High Risk Business Types Since 1992

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Business Funding

No business should have to fail because they can’t get access to traditional loans. CGLLC understands this, which why it works with businesses that have bad credit, no credit, have filed for bankruptcy, or has unresolved tax liens.

Chargeback Protection

We will get you approved for a high risk merchant account for your B2B, E-Commerce or Retail business at the most competitive rates in the country. E-Commerce or Retail business at the most competitive rates in the country.

CBD Payment Processing

Available for ALL CBD Vape & Non Vape Products including… CBD Gel •CBD Infused Eliquid •CBD Oil •Droplets •Edibles • Facial Cream •Hemp Cream •Hemp Oil •Lubricants •Oral Ingestion •Pre-Filled CBD Cartridges •Tablets •CBD Dab Products and more.

High Risk Processing FAQ

Businesses in the high risk space fit this category for many different reasons in the eyes of the processing bank. Not sure you are considered a high risk merchant? Curious as to why your business is considered high risk? Answers to these and many other questions are here in our FAQ section.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Our mission is to provide our merchant the right to choose what makes sense for their business, but yet follow the strict guidelines still in force today. We have several programs in place that can allow you to accept payments from all major card brands

POB (Point of Banking) Credit Card Processing

The difference between POB and regular credit card processing is that the customer shoulders the transaction fee as opposed to the merchant, allowing merchants to aggregate savings on each sale as opposed to paying a percentage fee.

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Introducing KronicPay Flat Rate Merchant Services Solutions for Your “Growing” Business!

We approve 99% of all applicants on our Domestic Payment Processing Platform for the Hardest to Place Merchants – Like You!

We offer the most competitive pricing and the highest rate of approved high-risk merchant accounts, with a full suite of services and an interactive online application process that’s easy and efficient to use.

Flat Rate Pricing
  • 3.97%- 5.97% (Including Interchange) 
  • Pricing available for eCommerce or Face-to-Face –  Flower, CBD, Hemp, MMJ, Isolates, Vape, Edibles, Adult, Nutra, Collection Agencies, Tribal, Tech and many more…… 
  • NO RESERVE!!! (You keep your money!)
  • NO Application Fee 
  • NO G2 Monthly Monitoring Fee
  • $50 Monthly Gateway 
  • $300  Annual Licensing Fee 
  • Totally Domestic!
  • Deposits into Business or Personal Bank Accounts 
  • Electronic ATM for Fast, Simple and Safe Deposits 
  • Inventory and Employee Management Solutions (Additional monthly service fees apply, and is powered by Vend)
  • Start-ups are Welcome!!!

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We Offer Domestic Payment Processing Solutions for ALL High-Risk Merchants Including:

Adult – All types CBD Credit Repair Collection Agencies
Cigars & Pipe Tobacco Online Debt Consolidation Electronic Cigarettes E-Books & Software
Firearms – Online High Ticket & High Volume MLM & Bizops Medical Marijuana Dispe saries
Nutraceuticals Penny Auctions Ticket Brokers – Online Tickets Travel & Timeshare


Ecommerce Solutions

Proudly Partnering With:

Large or Small, New or Old, High Risk or Low Risk, Online or Offline – We have a payment solution for you! Our Merchant Specialists Are Standing By Ready To Help– Please call 877-420-8625