Planning to establish an Adult Merchant Account?

The Adult industry is not one that the traditional financial institutions would want to be linked with, as it appears as a reputational risk for these. Organizational policy can prohibit these banks from accepting any business from this market. Even if they approve initially, you might still be under the constant fear of your merchant account being put at a halt, because these institutions will be within the rights to shut down your merchant account, affecting your revenue immediately.

    Did a Credit Card Processor turn your business down, saying it is risky?

    As a matter of fact, when you start searching for credit card processing you may have to face issues accessing electronic payment services (if you’re approaching traditional credit card processors).

    Looking for an Adult Merchant Account? We’re your go-to place.

    You will be glad to know that Canna Group is not at all bothered by an association with adult companies. In fact, we have successfully been offering adult merchant accounts for years now.

    At Canna Group, we help businesses in this industry by providing a high-risk merchant account solution that will blend in with your business.

    We offer the professional support to fit almost any business need. In turn, we are known for our reliable and steady services.

    We offer high-risk merchant account services and uninterrupted service to all high-risk industries (just like for CBD, Kratom, Collection Agencies, etc) who are aware that their business model might The adult industry is a multi-billion dollar industry just in the U.S. alone and taking advantage of this demand you need to make payments as easy and convenient as possible by accepting credit and debit cards.

    At Canna Group, we acknowledge the difficulty such companies have been facing when trying to access even the most basic merchant services.

    We’ve no hidden fees, instead, we offer competitive rates and personalized service, so you get the credit card processing services you need.