High-risk business funding/ merchant cash advances for those who are not ready to give up…

Several small businesses, like restaurants, agencies, cafes, and recent start-ups are all considered to be high-risk by the banking industry because of higher chances of business closure due to inconsistent income, fluctuations in the market, poor leadership, long credit history, and more. According to the business survival rates reported in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics (BED) report, only 56% of businesses survive after five years.

How can funding help you?

How to make sure that your business survives in a rough time? Well, whether you are dealing with financial insolvency, bad credit, bankruptcy, or have a high-risk business, Canna Group is here to help merchants to get the money they need when they need it the most. We offer advances/funding to small business owners that have an inadequate dependable credit score or significant secured assets. We have an extensive network of lenders and diverse programs that can offer you, business funding/advances regardless of bad credit, or your business being high-risk. Regardless of a merchant’s credit, business type, or risk level, Canna Group offers two types of funding for businesses-

ACH Business Funding

Unlike conventional business loans, ACH business loans, known as bank-only loans are a way of getting cash-flow loans and working capital without fulfilling the credit and document requirements. The rate of ACH business loans is higher than other regular business loans. You don’t need to have a merchant account for this kind of funding.

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Merchant cash advances

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is more like a B2B transaction, where a company accepts to sell its future credit card sales or a portion of its bank deposits to a commercial lender. It is popular among small and medium-sized businesses because approvals can take even as little as 2-24 hours, and the funding can be in 2-5 business days. Here is the list of requirements that you need to fulfill for availing Merchant Cash Advance at Canna group-
Min. Time in Business: 3 months
Min. Monthly Sales: $7,000
Min. FICO: No score
Liens/Judgements: Payment Plan (may be required)
Bankruptcy: open BK (max $15k approval)
Min. Financing: $2,500
Max. Financing: $2M


1. Signed Merchant Application: Dated within 30 days
2. Bank/Processing Statements: 3 months; 12 months (if seasonal)
Prohibited Industries: None!
Specialty Industries: Construction, Trucking, Auto Sales, Medical Marijuana,
Insurance, Home-based, e-commerce, etc.
Max Positions: 7 – 8
Terms: 2 – 18 months
Factor Rates: 1.18 – 1.50 (varies on risk)

Funding Document:

1. Driver’s License
2. Voided Check
3. COJ (per deal basis)
* underwriting may request additional documentation.
Commission: up to 10% of funded (varies on risk)

We provide merchant business funding, personalized payment solutions, and other account services to all types of new and established businesses of all sizes. We offer a flexible loan repay structure that allows businesses to be able to afford the payments. With a merchant cash advance, we get paid when you get paid. Our payment is a percentage of your daily sales, so if you have a low month, you pay back less to us, and if you have a good month, you pay back more.

We encourage all merchants to have a brief conversation to get the funding process started. Call us at 614-400-5909.