Helox, the contactless, cashless mobile payment platform for Cannabis


Contactless, Cashless Mobile Payment Platform for Cannabis

  • Helox is a compliant, contactless bank to bank transfer payment system for Dispensaries, Cultivators and Manufacturers that need to collect money from their customers.
  • For example, your customer can go into any Helox participating Dispensary location and instead of having to use the ATM to get cash, your customer can do a one-time registration at no cost to them and load their mobile account with funds and simply use their balance in their account to pay for their purchase.
  • The Budtender at the counter sends a payment request to the customers phone and within seconds, the purchase is completed in a safe and compliant manner.
  • The benefit to the customer is a fast, safe and secure transaction without carrying cash or waiting in lines at the ATM machine and paying a processing fee of usually $2.00 to $4.00 per transaction.
  • Dispensary owners benefit from a faster, secure transaction without dealing with AML compliance issues, employee cash theft and faster, electronic funds availability, usually in 24 to 72 hours. The cost of a Helox transaction is about 7% cheaper than doing a cash transaction, considering cash pickup and processing fees.

Do you work in the B2B Environment?

In a B2B environment, Helox makes your payments fast, simple, easy and most importantly, compliant. You can take multiple transactions per day up to $100,000 each. Let’s say you’re placing an order with one of your vendors and instead of having to exchange cash at a physical location, create invoices or write checks and put them in the mail and have to wait to be paid, you can request payment from your Helox account to your vendor or customer that can be paid
in seconds, not hours, days and weeks.

Do You Own A Cannabis Delivery Service? If So, Are You Dealing With Cash Headaches?

Cannabis Delivery has never been safer nor more convenient using Helox . You get paid prior to your driver leaving so you know you won’t run into payment issues on delivery or having to deal with customers not showing up for payment on drop-off. Most importantly, your drivers don’t need to carry cash!

Helox (ACH)

REGULATIONS: each transaction needs to be fully verified for possible illegal or laundered money

NEED: there isn’t a feasible solution, besides lengthy checks and data triangulation.

RESULT: some companies don’t perform proper due diligence. Authorities can’t prosecute illegal practices

– Timely processing
– Compliant practices Safe data handling
No-Root Design, Zero Day Elimination, Automated Update Resilience, Security Self Healing, SElinux confined, domain isolation, System deployed from Binary, Eliminate Configuration Management, Single USB Deployment, Defense-in-Depth Software Design


Legally account and deposit credit card related revenue Incentivize our clients to accept more credit card payments which will increase their revenues

Helox is Your Businesses Solution to 100% Compliant Payment Processing

About Canna Group

At Canna Group, you will find a committed team of experts ready to help your business succeed by giving you the ability to accept credit cards – no matter what business you are in. We are leaders in the field, and have been helping merchants improve sales and customer satisfaction since 1992.
We offer Domestic Payment Processing Solutions for the Hardest to Place Merchants, and our merchants really appreciate that we do.
We Are a Full-Service Merchant Processor ISO Provider We do everything we can to stay ahead of our competitors, including offering the most aggressive pricing, the best services, and the best support and customer experience in the business. Our merchants are our top priority. Our high-risk merchant accounts are our primary focus and handled with the highest respect and care that we’re known for. The Canna Group in conjunction with Monarch present… Helox, the contactless, cashless mobile payment platform for Cannabis.

About Monarch

Monarch Technologies, Inc. is a fully licensed Money Transmittal Service Provider and Third Party Payment Processor. Currently, we are operating as a Fintech services provider for the legitimate Cannabis/HEMP/CBD industry. Monarch services financial institutions, businesses, governmental compliance entities and consumers.
We’ve developed a proprietary business banking compliance platform called Monarch. The monarch was built after years of industry research from client frustration and misunderstanding of how to handle compliance, taxation and payments in the Cannabis industry.
After analyzing and diagnosing the banking industry and practices, we identified the need to solve these issues with a compliance driven SaaS platform.
The intention being to reduce the risks involved for Cannabis business owners as well as for financial institutions to successfully underwrite, on-board and provide continued compliance, payments and taxation services to farmers, growers, supply chain, distribution, wholesale, manufacturing and dispensary owners.

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