Kratom and Nutraceutical

Why Is Kratom Considered A High-Risk Industry?

Kratom contains the chemicals mitragynine and 7-hydroxmitragynine, which are psychoactive substances. This alone causes banks to have reservations about offering payment processing solutions. Conversely, kratom is also seen as an effective pain reliever for ailments such as arthritis, restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia as well as effective treatment for diarrhea and opiate addiction.

Among all the inquiries we receive daily, questions about affordable, reliable kratom merchant accounts may be the most popular we receive.

Solution #1

The eCheck Solution is the ONLY solution our second bank has for online CBD sales. Consumer enters shopping cart and provides Routing and Account number at the time of purchase to complete the transaction.

Note: Approval time: 72-96 hours

• Access to all Major Card Brands
• 24 Hour Funding
• Unique Descriptors
• Integrates with any web-based platform
Note: $350 one-time deposit due upon approval

Solution #2

How does tokenization work? This is a process in which allows MMJ merchants to accept all major card brands. Tokenization is the process of utilizing a private blockchain network technology that instantaneously converts the transaction into cryptocurrency (BitCoin) and then back to US dollars. This avoids the federal wires and is the most secure form of payment processing

Funds land in a virtual wallet, similar topaypal. Funds are immediately available within 17-20 seconds to transfer to any of the merchant’s other accounts for $3.00 per batch/drop.

Standalone terminal integrates with most POS