Legalization of Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Until some years ago, legal cannabis merchants had been facing discrimination. It was in 1996 when California became the first state to legalize the use of Marijuana for Medical purposes.

    Medical Marijuana merchant accounts (MMJ Merchant Account)

    As of January 2019, almost thirty-three states have joined this league, including New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Washington and many more. Though its growth, possession and sale for medicinal and recreational purposes, is legal in more than half of U.S. states, it remains illegal by federal law in the U.S.

    Thanks to the countries that have legalized its use, legal cannabis merchants have finally a legitimate credit card processing solution for Medical Marijuana merchant accounts (MMJ Merchant Account). Because of this both the medical and recreational Marijuana industries have experienced a huge boom of rapid growth across the nation.


    Studies have shown that apart from being used as a pain-reliever, Marijuana is supposed to act as a cure for mental disabilities like: schizophrenia, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Being extracted from the same plant, MMJ has similar benefits as that of CBD.

    Despite all these benefits, legal Marijuana Merchants have been facing a lot discrimination, like denial of services from banks. Merchants have faced continued scrutiny from financial institutions like banks and payment processors.

    Why consider Canna Payment Processor for Medical and Recreational Marijuana?

    Canna Group LLC is pleased to announce that we have Medical cannabis payment solutions. This is a Domestic solution with instant deposits if needed, or as slowly as 1-3 days if not.

    At Canna Group, we offer a quick and simple approval process for Medical Marijuana payment solutions. We are of the thought that this business should be treated the same as any other. We help merchants in this business acquire and maintain Medical Marijuana Credit Card processing solutions.

    Medical And Recreational Marijuana Payment Processing Is Now Available!


    Helox, the contactless, cashless mobile payment platform for Cannabis

    Helox is a compliant, contactless bank to bank transfer payment system for Dispensaries, Cultivators and Manufacturers that need to collect money from their customers.

    Now acquiring a legitimate Medical Marijuana Merchant account has never been easier. To begin your MMJ processing payments reach out to us today.

    We say “Yes” when other processors say, “No”!

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