Medical and Recreational Marijuana Payment Processing

Medical And Recreational Marijuana (MMJ) Payment Processing Is Now Available!

Our mission is to provide our merchant the right to choose what makes sense for their business, but yet follow the strict guidelines still in force today.

Solution #1
MMJ/Tokenization – Store Front (Accept all major card brands)

How does tokenization work? This is a process in which allows MMJ merchants to accept all major card brands. Tokenization is the process of utilizing a private blockchain network technology that instantaneously converts the transaction into cryptocurrency (BitCoin) and then back to US dollars. This avoids the federal wires and is the most secure form of payment processing

Funds land in a virtual wallet, similar topaypal. Funds are immediately available within 17-20 seconds to transfer to any of the merchant’s other accounts for $3.00 per batch/drop.

Standalone terminal integrates with most POS

Solution #2
MMJ/Point of Banking (POB)- Store Front (Accept all major card brands)

POB allows the Merchant to offset the high cost of payment processing by reversing the fees to the consumer. This option works on the gift card platform but does not require the extra step of issuing a card for redemption.

A minimum of $3 must be charged, with the merchant keeping anything above.

Standalone terminal integrates with most POS

Solution #3

The eCheck Solution is the ONLY solution our second bank has for online CBD sales. Consumer enters shopping cart and provides Routing and Account number at the time of purchase to complete the transaction.

Note: Approval time: 72-96 hours

• Available for Recreational…
• Cultivation
• Growers
• Distribution
• Medical

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