“Misery Doesn’t always, Love Company!” If you’re even closely related to the Hi…

“Misery Doesn’t always, Love Company!”

If you’re even closely related to the High-Risk Payment Industry, i.e. CBD Merchant, MJ Dispensary or even a Merchant Services Representative, we don’t have to tell you it’s been tough if not downright miserable trying to navigate through these seemingly uncharted and turbulent waters in 2019.

Last year saw more Banks and Blockchain companies close their doors than ever before; most of which should have never gotten into the industry in the first place. Consequently, this damaged the reputation of merchant's, ISO's and Affiliates, who are merely trying to gain their foothold in an emerging market.

Even with our almost 3 decades of experience it’s been challenging to say the least, and can only imagine what it’s been like for those who are just entering the space. But as they say, “All is not loss,” and “There is light at the end of the tunnel”.

Company Founder and President Sami Spiezio stated, “Through perseverance and knowledge of the industry, Canna Group LLC, has been able to weather the storm and with that see blue skies and calm seas ahead. After months of arduous research and negotiations we have come back bigger and stronger than before, and have partnered with the most respected processors and service providers in the nation. Canna can now offer all High-Risk verticals their choice of 5 different payment processing solutions, of which one if not more are bound to fit your unique business needs; and is unparalleled by few."

Regardless of your processing needs, WE HAVE IT! From eCommerce, Countertop Solutions, Vault Cash Services to Full-Service Kiosk (designed specifically for dispensaries), WE HAVE IT!”



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